change active directory DNS record from unix scripting..

OK, we need to change a record on a windows 2008 DNS server using unix scripting. We could install SSH somewhere on windows and execute some command to get the goal.. questios are:

1- which command to use to change a record A inside Windows DNS?
2- Which possibilities are to execute this command remotely?

Would like to see your opinions.... thanks,.
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I'm afraid I know nothing about scripting in Unix, but within Windows, the dnscmd command allows command-line management of DNS. There's no specific switch for modifying a record, but the /recorddelete and /recordadd switches to delete and add records, respectively.

The complete command syntax is here, and as you can see, remote administration is built into the utility. Note, however, that the utility is only available either on a DNS server or a machine with the Remote Server Administration Tools installed.
sminfoAuthor Commented:
but, do I have to delete and add the record? no way to just 'change' it?

is dnscmd part of windows OS?

what do you mean by " machine with the Remote Server Administration Tools installed. "?
There's no way to change a record via the command line, as far as I can tell; it has to be deleted and re-added.

Dnscmd is not part of Windows by default. It is added to a server as part of the DNS Server role. On a non-DNS server, it is part of the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) feature, which is enabled through Roles and Features in Server Manager.

RSAT is also available as a separate download for client machines. (The linked version of RSAT is for Windows 7; there are other versions for other Windows clients.)

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sminfoAuthor Commented:
ok.. thanks DrDave!!
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