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A client has a VAIO laptop with an Intel ICH9M-E SATA controller. A RAID 0 array has been setup with two drives.

I want to use Acronis True Image or similar imaging utility to image the partition on the array. ATI only supports hardware RAID, not firmware or software RAID.

I know this setup is not software RAID, but I am not sure if it is considered hardware or firmware RAID. It has a RAID utility accessible during boot like a true RAID controller setup, but the ICH9M-E is a SATA controller, not a RAID controller. Can someone enlighten me as to the difference between the two, and what the RAID configuration in this VAIO qualifies as?

Thanks for the help.
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The ICH is not hardware RAID. It is fake-RAID.  This is worse than software RAID as the bios does it.  There isn't even load balancing.  It is the worst of all possible scenarios.  You are using a $2.00 chip to do the work.  Real hardware RAID has a dedicated CPU and dedicated cache & RAM for buffering.   This has none.

The end-user will likely get around twice the performance if they use the native O/S software RAID1, plus get data protection.   But they need to turn off the RAID controller fakeraid.  This will require using the acronis to make a backup. Then turn off the RAID controller and make it AHCI, 2 disks.   Restore onto one drive.  Convert to dynamic, and then mirror online.  (I assume Windows 7 or above).
westoneAuthor Commented:
Yes Windows 7 Pro, and that is exactly what I want to do for this client: Get away from this RAID 0 setup.

So I can use Acronis to make a backup and move it to one drive? Even though Acronis stipulates No FakeRAID support?

Thank you for the info about the ICH and FakeRAID. We have to get away from this setup!
I know that Shadowprotect desktop & paragon hard disk mgr suite 2011 or above does work.  
For acronics you'll need to use a pair of scratch disks.   Boot the acronis boot drive with RAID drivers installed, backup to the scratch drive -- configured as a non-RAID disk

(Attach via USB if your BIOS won't let you configure that particular SATA port as non-rAID. This varies from motherboard to motherboard).

Then shut down the system, remove the original fakeraid drives (for safety). Turn OFF the fakeraid.  Install a 2nd scratch drive.

Then boot to the acronis disk and restore from the scratch drive onto another scratch drive with the rAID drivers off.

Now you have a booted system with no fakeraid booted onto a scratch drive.   From there you can migrate to the original disks.

(Sorry acronics is a pain, but it is doable).

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If acronis runs as an installed utility within Windows, it wil be able to image the array. If not, and it runs from a bootCD or similar, it probably won't work, unless you can load the fake-RAID controller's driver after booting the CD.

Otherwise paragon's free backup utility should work, which you can run from within windows. Probably also the partedmagic liveCD and then using clonezilla or g4u which are both included on that CD:
westoneAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.
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