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We have a client who has two different office locations.  Both have a server and at present one has backup exec system recovery 2010 installed, backing up to a USB drive,

At the moment it sets a new base at 3 am on Sundays.  then on every other day at 3 am it does a backup.

We are looking into setting up offsite backups to the other server via FTP.

Each Sunday when it creates a new base (about 300 gig ) we don't want it to upload it FTP as it is too much data to send every week.  Is it possible so that it sends the base when first set-up and then only has incremental's from that point onwards?

Thanks in advance.
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B_KewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With Backup Exec you can run a single full backup, and then schedule an unlimited number of incrementals. These incremental files can be copied over FTP. To restore a server will take the full backup and every single incremental backup up to the restore date. If there is corruption with any file, the whole restore is in jeopardy. This leaves no option to try to restore from other full backups.

If you are just concerned with backing up user data you can use the free Microsoft utility Robocopy across a VPN tunnel to mirror directories. This will keep the directories synchronized. Robocopy can be set to limit its bandwidth use. You can schedule it for overnight. Each server can backup the other. This does not get you point in time restores. Files that are deleted in one location will have the deletion replicated to the mirror site.

Another alternative is online backup. For example CrashPlan Pro. Unlimited storage for both servers for $20 per month. Point in time restores. I just installed this for a client and it was simple and effective for user data. I would not use it to restore a server from bare metal.
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