HI, i have three select boxes in a form which the values are used to get data , the two date fields work fine and the value is being plugged in the query  e.g  (  [Forms]![frmNotPaidOutRequest]![ActiveXCtl14].value  ) this works fine and i get my desired result. I then have another select box which is populated by a table of names which has just one column.  The problem is when i select a name from this select box the value is not being plugged in the query e.g [Forms]![frmNotPaidOutRequest]![sites].value . The weird thing is if i populate this select box with manual values it picks it up no problem..
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GrahamMandenoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you please post the SQL of your query?  Place it between [ code] and [ /code] (without the spaces) so that it is formatted as a code snippet in your post.

Also, try adding a new column in your query to list the combo box value:
SelectedSite:  [Forms]![frmNotPaidOutRequest]![sites]
(note that .Value is unnecessary)

It should show a whole column of the selected value.  Does it?
Dale FyeCommented:
Have you defined these form parameters in your query?

Is there a chance that the "sites" combo or list contains two columns, one numeric, the other text, and the bound column is actually the number?

There is another possibility if the table that you are trying to filter his the "sites" column configured using the "lookup" feature.  When you open the table, it looks like you have a text value displayed in a column, but what you are actually storing may be numeric.
EyeBallInSaltAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your solution.
My pleasure!  I'm not sure that I gave you a solution - only more questions - but I guess it pushed you in the right direction to find your own solution.  Well done!  :-)
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