How to create a second youtube channel

have a youtube account but I want three channels within that to match the three different things I try to accomplish with my little operation.  Any idea how to do that?  Should I create three different accounts?
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As far as I know you need to create 3 new Accounts at Google +
It also depends if you use Gmail.
You do understand that Google+ and your youtube  account are linked now, you need to use the Google+ account in order to log on to Youtube.
New YouTube channels and Google+'
When you create a new YouTube channel, it is linked to either a Google+ profile or a Google+ page.
•A YouTube channel that's linked to Google+ has a Google-wide identity, which lets you take advantage of new and better channel features.
•Most active YouTube channels already use a Google-wide identity and are benefitting from the features we've been building. As such, we no longer support new YouTube channels without Google+.

You can have as many as 50  YouTube channels but you'd need to create a new account in Google+ for each and everyone of them log out of one so that you can log in to the other
If you have YouTube channels linked to Google+ pages, you can manage them all (up to 50) from one Google Account. However, you can only use one channel at a time. Here's how to switch to the channel you want to manage:
Manage channels linked to Google+ pages

Merge YouTube channels (Transfer data)
Unfortunately, you can’t merge or link separate YouTube channels. Similarly, you can’t transfer data from one channel to another (this includes videos).
These may help
Multiple Youtube channels on one Google Account!topic/youtube/hj36Rh0K3gI
Google Makes New YouTube Channel Creation Easier For Those With Multiple Channels
Ok now that you read everything and are more confused lol
here's a youtube video
Multiple Channels on a YouTube Account - YouTube Tips
Bob SchneiderCo-OwnerAuthor Commented:
Awesome...and very complete.
Thanks BobbaBuoy, glad I could help
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