I wanted to know where I might be able to get some unbiased information regarding Obamacare?  I make 100k a year and do have health insurance.  For unspecified purposes, my family does not have insurance at this time.  I wanted to know how I could benefit from this whole thing.
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nickg5Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Question 5 on pages 1-2 may be informative for you.

If I have health insurance, how will Obamacare affect me?
The chosen answer and the top two other answers pretty much explain it for an individual like you and me.
Personally I don't see how this is a tech related question, nor is it a math & science (unless you consider politics a Political Science).
Regardless, I believe the best you can find is on wikipedia. Try this linklink.
Not a math & science question, but a question nevertheless.  What's political about trying to buy insurance?

< An opinion only.>

Answer: The O-Care is dependent upon the state you live in.  Consult the "exchanges" for your state. Do some leg work and buy the one you consider the best for your circumstances.
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What state do you live in. The answer is state dependent. Most states have some kind of health insurance exchange which gives good information on your alternatives BUT they will not offer advice on what to buy.Search on your states web site. IF it is any good it will tell you where to go.
Relevant Information: Please read a Wall Street Journal article yesterday. It advises people to wait until at least November to try and use the exchanges because they will still be "working out the bugs" until then. The article said if you plan on using the exchanges in October to go through a broker.
The question isn't clear.

I wanted to know how I could benefit from this whole thing.

Is that asking what 'angle' you can use to make the federal healthcare laws into a personal advantage for you? Or is it a more general question asking why the recent laws might be an improvement for citizens overall?

uppercut71412Author Commented:
Hello tliotta,

I would be more advantages if it was more on a personal advantage level at this point.
Some good information that is very relevant and helpful to you is at the following link:

http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-healthcare-watch-20130929,0,250837,full.story >
dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Commented:
See your CPA.
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