How to allow Bulk Email from one email address

I have External Spam/AV filter that sends directly to my Exchange 2010 Edgeserver(with defaults) then to my exchange 2010 CAS server.

The external Spam filter sends out a weekly reminder if users have spam messages to check but at some point these messages get blocked (so some users get the notification and the rest do not). I have about 400 users

Is there something in Exchange 2010 Exchange or Edge that is deciding that this is bulk email and is blocking them? How can I correct?

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JEDEDMANConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
You Got me in the right direction. Under Anti Spam go to Content Filtering properties
Custom Words Tab. Allow messages containing these words or phrases. The subject for the reminder was the same so I added the subject here.
Here, there is a feature "IP Allow List" that is enabled but you can't change it from the anti spam tab. If you look under the Server Configuration -> Hub Transport ->Anti Spam you can add the local IP's and it works. :)
JEDEDMANAuthor Commented:
because it worked
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