Lots of "calendar" files but Windows 7 search will only find "calenda" but not "calendar".

Odd one. I was trying to find out why my Windows search wasn't finding the string "calendar" when I knew there were quite a few file names with that in it. I then noticed that as I was typing "calendar", suddenly a bunch of results showed up in the window and then disappeared. I then back-deleted the "r" and voila there they all were, all the file names with "calendar" in them with just the "calenda" portion highlighted. What the heck is that about?
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evandrotexJr Network AdministratorCommented:
You may try this fix-it:


I had a similar problem and it worked for me.
BobArnett --Forgive me, but I do not see the problem or that this is anything to worry about.
It is a little like AutoComplete.  You type some of a word and Windows offers to fill in the rest.
How is this affecting performance?

The same thing on my PC.  I think many Search programs do this.  They are finding "calenda" even though it is not a complete word, and they are correct.
BobArnettAuthor Commented:
evandrotex: I tried that Fix-It and it didn't do the trick.

jcimarron: Yes, it's fine that it finds "calenda" in "calendar". The problem is that if I type one more letter ("r"), Search gives me a blank page and says there are no results even though it found "calendar" when looking for "calenda".

So it makes me think if I'm searching for a file with a word like "form" and it says it finds nothing, do I have to backspace until Search finds my word "form" along with "forest", "fortunate" and "forlorn"?
You're right, it's nothing to worry about. It just took me a while to figure out why it wasn't finding files that I knew were there and I wondered if there was some way to fix that.
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BobArnett--Thanks for the explanation.  Now I understand.
So your question boils down to how to fix Windows Search.  And evandrotex's fix-it did not work.
Perhaps of help.

If that does not help, you could try running SFC /SCANNOW from a command prompt run as Admin.  And if this is something new, you could run a System Restore to a date before the problem started.  

Search is part of Windows.  So you could run a Repair Install.

If that is too much trouble, then, as a work around, use Everything as your search engine

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BobArnettAuthor Commented:
The Microsoft link didn't address my problem. It was basically dealing with permissions which of course I have since it does find files in the right locations.
I ran SFC and it didn't detect any problems.
This isn't a recent development, I've just been putting up with it for a while and just now discovered the "truncated" search clue.
I actually already did run a Repair Install and that, of course, didn't resolve it.
I do have a third-party search utility that works fine but I just find having to open up a completely different program to do my searches becomes unwieldy at times.
However, that said, I will just have to do take your suggestion and use the my search utility since I just don't have any more time to spend on the problem right now. Maybe when I eventually upgrade to Windows 8, the problem will go away. Ha!
BobArnett--Truly weird.
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