Exchange 2003 email delivery to on premise ok but internet delay 1 hour

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Hello EE,
We have relatively normal response to pings at our branch 50-60ms but are seeing a LOT of request time outs.  I have a call in to our ISP but internet email delivery all comes to corporate.  Internet email from the corporate exchange server is going fine.  It is only from that branch exchange and I heard that every time there is a timeout delivery will stop for 15 minutes causing a backup is this the case?
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If there is a timeout then Exchange will try again in 15 minutes, but that doesn't stop all email - it treats each message individually. If you look in the queues you should see the retry time is different for each message. The only time that changes is when you restart the SMTP server service, where all of the messsages will have the same retry time.

If you are getting request time outs then that will be upsetting email delivery, which is quite time sensitive. The receiving server has to respond within a certain period and if that is not happening the sending server will go in to a retry cycle.

This looks like it is an issue outside of Exchange.


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