Outlook 2010 stuck Processing

I have a user in our office who we have had to recreate their profile on their workstation because Outlook keeps getting stuck on the processing window when loading up.  When it gets to this window it just stays there and does not go any further.  We have recreated their whole account on the computer 3 times but without fail it happens again about a week later.  Are there any options besides recreating the user on the computer or the email profile because these options only appear to be temporary?
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Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
Does it open up fine in safemode?  Open up the run command and type:

outlook.exe /safe

If it does, then your looking at an addin causing your issue.
BHGExpertExchAuthor Commented:
Yes it does start in safe mode.
Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
I guess what software is communicating and working with outlook at this time?  Do you have like a VOIP or IM software that uses it?

Turn off Add-ins:  http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/enable-or-disable-add-ins-in-office-programs-HA010034127.aspx#BM17

Check your Add-ins and disable a few you might think that would cause the issue (like bluetooth or some type of communicator etc).
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BHGExpertExchAuthor Commented:
I've tried disabling all of them and also starting Outlook by itself it is still unable to start.  The user has a laptop that is working with the same add-ins so I chose the add-ins that were enabled on the laptop on his desktop and still can't get Outlook to open.
Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
I would start stopping software in general.  Open the run command and start disabling software that does not need to be running in the startup menu.

open run command and type:  msconfig
If the user is on Cached Exchange Mode, open Outlook with the network cable disconnected. Once Outlook is open, reconnect the cable so the user can authenticate and download email.

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