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Imaging a Drive

I have a clients laptop which has Windows 7 Pro on a partition on a RAID 0 across two physical drives. I want to get away from the RAID 0 setup to running on just a single large drive.

I installed Acronis True Image trial version on the laptop itself, and it looks like i can either image the Raid 0 volume (in disk mode) or the C:, System Reserved Space and Recovery partition (in Partition mode). I think the choice for my purposes here is to use Partition mode to image the various partitions, and copy them to a new drive of appropriate size. This would leave the RAID setup out of the picture, which is what I want.

Would like to get some back up that is the way to go, as I am in unfamiliar territory here. But I think my understanding is correct. Thanks for the help.
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Personally I'd stick with the complete drive for the image...once you have the image the RAID is irrelevant...you simple restore the complete image to a new drive using Acronis and all is good...

This is easier than messing with different partitions...
In Windows 7 the reserved space and the various partitions are tied all together logically and restoring them individually may not work.
Acronis does a good job reconciling this and you may possible get away with it, depending what version you have. I remember trying this before and only one specialized version of Acronis did the trick.
I recommend the in disk mode and also, if you run the (I forgot the exact term they use)
bare metal hardware restore... you should not have any issues with the Raid 0 drivers.
You will need to "prep" the drive by running the bare metal hardware restore utility which adds extra drivers that can be used during the restore.
westoneAuthor Commented:
Okay, I will try the disk mode first and see how that goes.
normally, i make a bootable cd for imaging
i use paragon's free B&R :  http://www.paragon-software.com/free/
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