Dsl internet drops several times a day

I work for a company & their internet keps dropping about 5 times a day.
It only started when a 2nd company with 10 new users began using their same dsl connection.

Rebooting the DSL P-660 Zyxel router always sorts it.
The router has wireless & looks after the DHCP.
There are also 2 other wireless networks which worked well before Company B arrived.
We have replaced the router & replaced the internal DSL wiring but it's
still happening.
I checked it over the weekend & the router didnt drop but the office was empty.
It was permanently online so it must be an internal issue.
This morning as soon as the lads came in, it dropped again.
I'm thinking there could be a device flooding the network with requests?
There are all kinds of devices connected, windows pc's, laptops, phone's, ipads etc.

I keep getting this warning in the logs. It could be a clue?

Sep 24 13:09:18 ZyXEL user.warn syslog: Warn: The origin for route changed from to

I installed Wireshark on 1 of the windows pc's but not sure what to check for.

I could seperate the networks but Company B will be gone in a month.
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Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
I'd check for a device or devices that have both a physical NIC connected and also have the wireless NIC enabled.  It could be that both connections are trying to send/receive data at the same time and causing a problem with the router or switch.
Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
It only started when a 2nd company with 10 new users began using their same dsl connection.
This could be a coincidence, but really, get better hardware for a router / firewall. Esp. if it is a fast DSL connection (16Mbit+) my bet is the router is just overloaded and 'giving up'  (this means the routing queue is full, dropping every new packet  because of low mem situations).
The DSL P-660 is more suitable for a home setup.
crangle22Author Commented:
thats great help guys. i will do that & report back.
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crangle22Author Commented:
it's still happening!
Not as much, maybe once or twice per day.
I disabled wireless on all the laptops which have wired connections.
I replaced the router with a new Zyxel D1000
It is an OEM.

If this router isnt suitable can you recommend one?
Approx 15 users, approx 25 devices connected phones, laptops, ipads etc
crangle22Author Commented:
any advise on this one?
another thing that happens is that i cant login to the router via the browser.
they are currently online.
i can ping it ok. only option is to reboot the router & then i can login via google chrome at it's ip of
this also happened with the last 2 routers!
something is hanging it for a few hours before it crashes & needs to be manually rebooted.
crangle22Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for donal99's comment #a39549253
Assisted answer: 250 points for hypercat's comment #a39525909
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for the following reason:

i just wanted to close this as i wasnt getting any more responses to it!
but the help was very useful but the issue is still ongoing!
so i opened it up again.
Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
Sorry, did not get your last message. Holiday - I hope the 'objection' does not cause any inconvenience; I think we may still be able to solve this.

And no, get better hardware - you have too many users! For instance, use an old PC and setup pfSense on it and try again. This will cost nothing but some time at first.
Use the Zyxel as ADSL modem for this setup.

crangle22Author Commented:
Hi, i'm still checking out the pfSense!
in the meantime i'd like to attach the current system info & log files.
There may be a clue in there??
The internet crashed again a couple of times today.
Just in case it's not a hardware issue?

System Info
Model Name:       eircom D1000 Modem
Serial Number:       S133220003285
MAC Address:       EC:43:F6:C2:B2:44
Firmware Version:       2.00(AADU.2)D0
DSL Version:      
System Uptime:       0 day: 1 hour: 56 minutes
Current Date/Time:       Tue Oct 8 21:37:25 UTC 2013


broadband:      Connected
DSL Mode :       ITU G.992.5(ADSL2PLUS_ANNEX M)
Speed:       15360 kbps/2044 kbps
Line Attenuation(Down/Up):       30.8 dB/ 18.1 dB
DSL Noise Margin:       6.6 dB/ 12.0 dB
WAN IP Address:       62.77.xxx.xxx
IP Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
IPv6 Address:       ::
IPv6 Prefix:       0
IPv6 Default Gateway:       ::
Primary DNS:
Secandary DNS:
3G Status:       NoDevice
3G Rate:       N/A
3G IP Address:
3G IP Subnet Mask:       N/A
3G Gateway:       N/A
3G Primary DNS:


Ethernet LAN1:       100/Full
LAN2:       N/A
LAN3:       N/A
LAN4:       N/A
Modem Address:
Modem Subnet Mask:
IPv6 Address:       fe80::ee43:f6ff:fec2:b244
IPv6 Prefix:       64
DHCP:       Server
DHCP Range: - 200
Firewall:       Medium
Wireless Status:       300M
SSID:       saturn
Channel:       1
Security Mode:       WPA2-PSK + WPA-PSK
Key:       xxxxxxxxxxxx
WPS:       Disabled

Jan 1 00:00:42      INFO       WLAN:Client associate to SSID1(MAC:38e7d8e80f15,WPA2-PSK + WPA-PSK)
2      Jan 1 00:00:45      INFO       received DISCOVER
3      Jan 1 00:00:47      INFO       DHCP client connect,IP:
4      Jan 1 00:00:47      INFO       sending OFFER of
5      Jan 1 00:00:47      INFO       received REQUEST
6      Jan 1 00:00:47      INFO       server_id = c0a80301
7      Jan 1 00:00:47      INFO       sending ACK to
8      Jan 1 00:00:47      INFO       DHCP client connect,IP:
9      Jan 1 00:01:00      INFO       ADSL up, connection speed:2044 kbps/15360 kbps
10      Jan 1 00:01:01      INFO       Terminating on signal 15.
11      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       Initialize LCP.
12      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       LCP Initing
13      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       Plugin pppoe loaded.
14      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       PPPoE Plugin Initialized
15      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       Plugin pppoe called.
16      Jan 1 00:01:04      NOTICE       pppd 2.4.1 started by admin, uid 0
17      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       setting line discipline hook
18      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       Sending PADI
19      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       HOST_UNIQ successful match
20      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       received PADO packet. vahEnable:0
21      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       HOST_UNIQ successful match
22      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       Got connection: 5e3
23      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       Connecting PPPoE socket: 00:90:1a:42:5a:1b 05e3 nas0 0x48f088
24      Jan 1 00:01:04      DEBUG       using channel 1
25      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       Using interface ppp0
26      Jan 1 00:01:04      NOTICE       Connect: ppp0 <--> nas0
27      Jan 1 00:01:04      WARNING       Couldn't increase MTU to 1500.
28      Jan 1 00:01:04      ERROR       Couldn't increase MRU to 1500
29      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       LCP is allowed to come up.
30      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       LCP Opening
31      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       LCP up
32      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       Remote message: duplicate address detected
33      Jan 1 00:01:04      ERROR       CHAP authentication failed
34      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       CHAP authentication failed
35      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       LCP Down,reason:6 (lower down)
36      Jan 1 00:01:04      WARNING       Couldn't increase MTU to 1500.
37      Jan 1 00:01:04      ERROR       Couldn't increase MRU to 1500
38      Jan 1 00:01:04      INFO       LCP down.
39      Jan 1 00:01:04      NOTICE       Connection terminated.
40      Jan 1 00:01:04      WARNING       Doing disconnect
41      Jan 1 00:02:04      INFO       Sending PADI
42      Jan 1 00:02:04      INFO       HOST_UNIQ successful match
43      Jan 1 00:02:04      INFO       received PADO packet. vahEnable:0
44      Jan 1 00:02:05      INFO       HOST_UNIQ successful match
45      Jan 1 00:02:05      INFO       Got connection: 666
46      Jan 1 00:02:05      INFO       Connecting PPPoE socket: 00:90:1a:42:5a:1b 0666 nas0 0x48f088
47      Jan 1 00:02:05      DEBUG       using channel 2
48      Jan 1 00:02:05      INFO       Using interface ppp0
49      Jan 1 00:02:05      NOTICE       Connect: ppp0 <--> nas0
50      Jan 1 00:02:05      WARNING       Couldn't increase MTU to 1500.
51      Jan 1 00:02:05      ERROR       Couldn't increase MRU to 1500
52      Jan 1 00:02:05      INFO       LCP is allowed to come up.
53      Jan 1 00:02:05      INFO       LCP Opening
54      Jan 1 00:02:05      INFO       LCP up
55      Jan 1 00:02:05      INFO       Remote message: duplicate address detected
56      Jan 1 00:02:05      ERROR       CHAP authentication failed
57      Jan 1 00:02:05      INFO       CHAP authentication failed
58      Jan 1 00:02:05      INFO       LCP Down,reason:6 (lower down)
59      Jan 1 00:02:05      WARNING       Couldn't increase MTU to 1500.
60      Jan 1 00:02:05      ERROR       Couldn't increase MRU to 1500
61      Jan 1 00:02:05      INFO       LCP down.
62      Jan 1 00:02:05      NOTICE       Connection terminated.
63      Jan 1 00:02:05      WARNING       Doing disconnect
64      Jan 1 00:03:05      INFO       Sending PADI
65      Jan 1 00:03:05      INFO       HOST_UNIQ successful match
66      Jan 1 00:03:05      INFO       received PADO packet. vahEnable:0
67      Jan 1 00:03:05      INFO       HOST_UNIQ successful match
68      Jan 1 00:03:05      INFO       Got connection: 6c2
69      Jan 1 00:03:05      INFO       Connecting PPPoE socket: 00:90:1a:42:5a:1b 06c2 nas0 0x48f088
70      Jan 1 00:03:05      DEBUG       using channel 3
71      Jan 1 00:03:05      INFO       Using interface ppp0
72      Jan 1 00:03:05      NOTICE       Connect: ppp0 <--> nas0
73      Jan 1 00:03:05      WARNING       Couldn't increase MTU to 1500.
74      Jan 1 00:03:05      ERROR       Couldn't increase MRU to 1500
75      Jan 1 00:03:05      INFO       LCP is allowed to come up.
76      Jan 1 00:03:05      INFO       LCP Opening
77      Jan 1 00:03:06      INFO       LCP up
78      Jan 1 00:03:06      INFO       Remote message: duplicate address detected
79      Jan 1 00:03:06      ERROR       CHAP authentication failed
80      Jan 1 00:03:06      INFO       CHAP authentication failed
81      Jan 1 00:03:06      INFO       LCP Down,reason:6 (lower down)
82      Jan 1 00:03:06      WARNING       Couldn't increase MTU to 1500.
83      Jan 1 00:03:06      ERROR       Couldn't increase MRU to 1500
84      Jan 1 00:03:06      INFO       LCP down.
85      Jan 1 00:03:06      NOTICE       Connection terminated.
86      Jan 1 00:03:06      WARNING       Doing disconnect
87      Jan 1 00:04:06      INFO       Sending PADI
88      Jan 1 00:04:06      INFO       HOST_UNIQ successful match
89      Jan 1 00:04:06      INFO       received PADO packet. vahEnable:0
90      Jan 1 00:04:06      INFO       HOST_UNIQ successful match
91      Jan 1 00:04:06      INFO       Got connection: 72c
92      Jan 1 00:04:06      INFO       Connecting PPPoE socket: 00:90:1a:42:5a:1b 072c nas0 0x48f088
93      Jan 1 00:04:06      DEBUG       using channel 4
94      Jan 1 00:04:06      INFO       Using interface ppp0
95      Jan 1 00:04:06      NOTICE       Connect: ppp0 <--> nas0
96      Jan 1 00:04:06      INFO       LCP Opening
97      Jan 1 00:04:07      INFO       LCP up
98      Jan 1 00:04:07      INFO       CHAP authentication success
99      Jan 1 00:04:07      INFO       IPCP Opening
100      Jan 1 00:04:07      NOTICE       local IP address
101      Jan 1 00:04:07      NOTICE       remote IP address
102      Jan 1 00:04:07      NOTICE       primary DNS address
103      Jan 1 00:04:07      NOTICE       secondary DNS address
104      Jan 1 00:04:07      INFO       ppp up
105      Jan 1 00:04:12      INFO       Internet up, PPPoE LLC, 8/35, IP=
106      Jan 1 00:04:13      INFO       Periodic inform success
107      Jan 1 00:04:19      INFO       Time initialized by NTP server
108      Oct 8 19:45:04      INFO       set time to 2013/10/8/ 19:45:4
109      Oct 8 20:42:25      INFO       WLAN:Client disassociate (MAC:000000000000,WPA2-PSK + WPA-PSK)
crangle22Author Commented:
anyone have any ideas ???
You need to consider one simple, out of the box possibility ... that your DSL connection is not provisioned for 24x7x365.

Have you discussed this with the telco provider? Maybe they are dropping connection.  This is not at all uncommon, especially if you do not have a static IP connection.
If you are getting drops ,chances are it's the ISP.

Remember it's DSL  and they do not guarantee service.

You could have the ISP check it out,but from experience ,they will try to talk you into a T/x  service of some sorts.

That's the reason it is cheap.

It's just the nature of the beast.
Your first message was
Sep 24 13:09:18 ZyXEL user.warn syslog: Warn: The origin for route changed from to

I wonder which two devices these are. Perhaps it is difficult two find out know - since with dhcp they may have different IP know, but when it happens again try to find that log message again , and the devices.

Perhaps one of them is a second dhcp server too, that should not be enabled.
That's just UpNP being logged.

Should have nothing to do with the drops.

You can see in the trace that the modem is having problems authenticating.

Looks like an ISP problem plain and simple.
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Anything on the DSL statistics? atm drops, retransmits etc.?
I used to have a disastrous DSL connection @home which maxed out @8/1Mbps
(higher speeds just dropped more data resulting in disconnects).

Same on a customers premises where 2/1 was the max. both in urban environments.
crangle22Author Commented:
thanks lads for all the help.
the isp do provide a 24/7 dsl connection so it should never drop.
they have tested the line several times & say it's fine!
but the line is approx 15 years old!
i'm asking them to order a new dsl line as i think this will help?
they unfortunately cant get cable or efiber in their area so are stuck with dsl.
Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
At least here in Germany, the ISPs are often right when they say the connection is stable.
Please verify this by looking at the SNR of your connection (most modems will print some statistics of your PPPoE connection). If this is fine (= high value in dB), only complain if the speed is to low; as they tend to lower the speed if you complain about drops.

As I said, try different hardware for starters. I found undersized hardware the main reason for connection drops.
Yes, a new line will help. This is not a TCP/IP networking thing. It is the telco / DSL / wiring issue. Even a nick or partial break in the copper wiring between the CO and the DSL terminal will cause this.

I assure you, they did not do full testing unless they sent somebody onsite with equipment to monitor the connection AT your terminal for 24 hours, or long enough to have a statistical certainty that it would have dropped during the monitoring period.
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
The cables i talked about earlier are around 30 & 50 years old. Age is not a primary concern.
The way a cable is treated during laying, the way terminals are connected, that connections in the ground they determine signal (or lack of) quality.
Length of cables is a factor.  

And lowering speeds makes the signals less prone to be lost.
so that does increase stability.  (btw. losing one ATM frame also means a lost IP packet as ATM doens't retransmit, and the missing at frame will cause the ip packet to get deformed.).
Try running this and post results.

crangle22Author Commented:
thanks guys. that info is very helpful.
they are ordering a new line eventually with your help!
I am trying to make sure our telecoms guy is there to oversee it.
i will report back when it is installed.
Could be a few weeks so not sure if i can keep it open?
Here are the netspeed results.

nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
It's also important to get the DSL line statistics.

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crangle22Author Commented:
thanks lads for all the help. the customer still hasnt got a new line!!
so i will have to close this
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