how to add an additional formatting formula to an existing formula

How can I add a formatting formula round,2 to an existing formula?  I have a 2000 line spreadsheet that I need to add rounding to an existing calculation.  I don't want to have to edit each line, and using the special formatting (0.00) doesn't allow me to pass the formatting when it is transferred via an import process.
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barry houdiniCommented:
Normally you can copy the formula down the column, so assuming your first formula on row 2 just alter that to


[omitting the = at the start of existing_formula]

and then you can copy down the column - if you have continuous data in an adjacent column you can just double-click the "fill-handle" and it will populate automatically all the way down. The "fill-handle" is the black "+" you see if you put the cursor on the bottom right of the cell.

Another way to fill the whole range is like this:

Change first formula and select that cell
In box above A1 type the whole range that the formula needs to populate (including the first cell), e.g. B2:B2000 and press ENTER and that whole range gets selected
Use CTRL+D to "fill down" the formula into that range

regards, barry
kgittingerAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately the formulas are not consistent from line to line, so I cannot drag down the formulas.  They are calculating off of other spreadsheets.  Right now what I am doing is hitting F2 entering round( in the beginning, and ,2) at that end.  Tedious...
Another way would be to use a small macro

By using this method it will not matter what the original formulae was

Sub Macro1()
' Macro1 Macro


Dim Column As String

Column = "D"
For Row = 1 To 5
    Range(Column & Format$(Row, "0")).Formula = "=ROUND(" & Mid$(Range(Column & Format$(Row, "0")).Formula, 2) & ",2)"
Next Row
End Sub

Open in new window

This has the advantage that its just a case of running the macro when you want to apply the new forumlae

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