Hello world,

i m trying to configure a ASUS router with a DD-WRT firmware, the purpose os this is to serve a waiting room on an office.

We want to initially all the access to the internet is forward to our website, we dont want any proxy or hotspot option.

there is any advice on this matter and any tips on how to set this up, is ip forward the only option?

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The most-important requirements for successfully enabling DD-WRT's NoCat Splash are...
1) you must have the WAN side set to use DHCP (Setup -> Basic Setup -> WAN Connection Type -> Connection Type: Automatic Configuration - DHCP, and
2) you must be using its built-in DHCP server on the LAN side under Setup -> Basic Setup -> Network Address Server Settings (DHCP) -> DHCP Server...

If both of those requirements are met, you should enable the SSH server under Services -> Services -> Secure Shell so that you can alter the necessary files and put them in the proper folders (e.g. /www ) on the router using a program such as WinSCP. Replacing those files may or may not be necessary since you want to use a URL rather than just the splash page with an 'I agree' dialog. Possibly you'll want to customize that dialog anyway.

Have you already looked at DD-WRT's NoCat Wiki?

I recommend setting it up according to that Wiki, and see if it functions how you want...  of course, if you're not meeting the criteria mentioned at the top, then its built-in NoCat won't work for you... and I don't see how port forwarding would, either...  port forwarding catches connections from the outside and redirects them on the way in; its complement port triggering works from the inside, but port triggering doesn't redirect - it opens a range of ports when a socket (socket = IP:port#) on the inside is made for a certain port.

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