Mura site not working after plugin install

Fairly new to Mura, but have found it to be very powerful! Got the hang of pretty much everything, and just today I was installing some plugins. The third one, the Mura Translator, after installing it, wrecked the whole site and now nothing will display - not the front end or the admin. I went and deleted the folders of plugins... all of them. I also went into the DB and manually deleted the plugin entries, in the content table as well. still nothing. any ideas to what i have done?!
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dgrafxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
not familiar with Mura but are the settings stored in the Application scope?
In Application.cfc in the onRequestStart function just dump the various vars.

<cfdump var="#Application#"><cfabort>
14_eastAuthor Commented:
Thank you for taking the time to answer me... I actually just got done with a reinstall.  Easier and quicker that way!!
well - thanks for the points and if it ever happens again look in the application scope or possible it writes a config file of some sort.
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