Excel VBA extract text from shapes and paste results into a Word doc

Hello Experts,

I would like to extract text from shapes as in the attached worksheet, and paste the results into a Word doc.

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[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:

I see that the "Extract-Text-from-Shapes.xlsm" attachment already has a routine, Extract_Text_From_Shapes_InRange(), that transposes the text from the shapes to column [W].

I also see, from your past questions, that this was recently provided by MartinLiss:

[ http://www.experts-exchange.com/Software/Office_Productivity/Office_Suites/MS_Office/Excel/Q_28250753.html ]

Do you just want the contents of column [W] pasted cell-by-cell to multiple lines within the MS-Word file attachment, "Paste-Excel-Shape-Text-to-Word-D.docx"?

Thank you for your clarification?


biker9Author Commented:
Pasting the contents of column W cell by cell to multiple lines of a Word doc would be ok, preferably however, not pasting into column W, but pasting the Excel shape contents directly into multiple lines of a word doc would be better for me.

Thank you,
[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:
OK, thanks.

Please find two files attached.

a) "Paste-Excel-Shape-Text-to-Word-D.docx" MS-Word document

I have made a single change to your provided file; the addition of a bookmark "Paste_Here".

b) "Q_28250966.xlsm" MS-Excel workbook

The (amended) Visual Basic for Applications code from the [Sheet2] worksheet code module is as follows:

Option Explicit
Sub Extract_Text_Inflow_Tbl()

  Dim strArray()                                        As String
  ReDim strArray(0&) As String
  Call Extract_Text_From_Shapes_InRange([e11:r85], strArray())
  If UBound(strArray) > 0& Then
     Call Q_28250966(strArray)
  End If ' If UBound(strArray) > 0& Then
  Erase strArray
  ReDim strArray(0&) As String
End Sub
Sub Extract_Text_From_Shapes_InRange(ByRef objRange As Range, _
                                     ByRef strArray() As String)

' Dim c                                                 As Integer
' Dim rng                                               As Range
  Dim shp                                               As Shape
  Dim shpInGroup                                        As Shape
  Dim lngIndex                                          As Long
'   Range("w10").Select

'   Set rng = ActiveCell
    On Error Resume Next
    For Each shp In ActiveSheet.Shapes
        If Not (Intersect(shp.TopLeftCell, objRange) Is Nothing) Or Not Intersect(shp.BottomRightCell, objRange) Is Nothing Then
            If shp.Type = msoGroup Then ' shp.Ungroup
                For lngIndex = 1 To shp.GroupItems.Count
                    Set shpInGroup = shp.GroupItems(lngIndex)
                    If Len(Trim$(shpInGroup.TextFrame.Characters.Text)) > 0 Then
                       ReDim Preserve strArray(UBound(strArray) + 1&) As String
                       strArray(UBound(strArray)) = shpInGroup.TextFrame.Characters.Text
                    End If ' If Len(Trim$(shpInGroup.TextFrame.Characters.Text)) > 0 Then

'                   rng.Value = shpInGroup.TextFrame.Characters.Text
'                   Set rng = rng.Offset(0, 1)
'                   c = c + 1
'                   If c = 1 Then
'                       Set rng = rng.Offset(1, -1)
'                       c = 0
'                   End If
               If Len(Trim$(shp.TextFrame.Characters.Text)) > 0 Then
                  ReDim Preserve strArray(UBound(strArray) + 1&) As String
                  strArray(UBound(strArray)) = shp.TextFrame.Characters.Text
               End If ' If Len(Trim$(shpInGroup.TextFrame.Characters.Text)) > 0 Then
'               rng.Value = shp.TextFrame.Characters.Text
'               Set rng = rng.Offset(0, 1)
'               c = c + 1
'               If c = 1 Then
'                   Set rng = rng.Offset(1, -1)
'                   c = 0
'               End If
            End If
        End If
    Next shp
End Sub
Private Sub Q_28250966(ByRef strArray() As String)

  Dim objDocument                                       As Object
  Dim objWord_Application                               As Object
  Set objWord_Application = CreateObject("Word.Application")
  objWord_Application.Visible = True
  Set objDocument = objWord_Application.Documents.Open("C:\Q_28250966\Paste-Excel-Shape-Text-to-Word-D.docx")
  objDocument.Bookmarks("Paste_Here").Range.Text = Join(strArray, vbCrLf)

  Set objDocument = Nothing
  Set objWord_Application = Nothing
End Sub

Open in new window

(I have commented-out MartinLiss' original statements that are no longer required)

Please note this line:
 Set objDocument = objWord_Application.Documents.Open("C:\Q_28250966\Paste-Excel-Shape-Text-to-Word-D.docx")

You will need to change the location "C:\Q_28250966\Paste-Excel-Shape-Text-to-Word-D.docx" to where your copy of this file is stored (locally).

Please execute the Sub Extract_Text_Inflow_Tbl() routine (as before) to copy the text contents of the Shape to the MS-Word document.

Note that there is a <Carriage Return> character & a <Line Feed> character between each text value.

This is controlled by the following statement with the MS-Excel Visual Basic for Applications code:

objDocument.Bookmarks("Paste_Here").Range.Text = Join(strArray, vbCrLf)

Change vbCrLf to whatever "delimiter" you wish to use between each successive Shape text value pasted into the MS-Word document.



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biker9Author Commented:
Works perfectly fp,
thanks very much!


I have a followup question which I will post in a subsequent query.
[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:
You are very welcome.

I have added a comment/attachment with revised code to address your updated requirements within your new question thread:

[ http://www.experts-exchange.com/Software/Office_Productivity/Office_Suites/MS_Office/Excel/Q_28251212.html#a39527120 ]
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