Deleting an AutoCad 2013 region in VBA that was just created

I have a routine that calculates the area of a Polyline.  Then it creates a region from the polyline to extract the centroid.  Works fine.

Except when the routine is done, I don't really want the region in my drawing anymore.  How do I get the code to delete the region that was created in order to get the centroid ?  (I'd like to let AutoCad give me the centroid than put all the code in there to do it myself...)

Public Sub GetEntity(PLArea, PLCentroid)
Dim objEnt As AcadEntity
Dim varPick As Variant
Dim Pline As AcadLWPolyline
Dim loops(0) As AcadEntity, region
Dim CenPt As Variant

On Error Resume Next
    With ThisDrawing.Utility
        .GetEntity objEnt, varPick, vbCr & "Pick a Polyline: "
        If objEnt Is Nothing Then 'check if object was picked.
            .Prompt vbCrLf & "You did not pick as entity"
            Exit Sub
        End If
        If objEnt.ObjectName <> "AcDbPolyline" Then 'check if object was picked.
            MsgBox "That is not a PolyLine.  It is a(n) " & objEnt.ObjectName & ".  Please start over and try again."
        End If
    End With
'cast Entity to Polyline proper
    Set Pline = objEnt
    PLArea = Pline.Area / 43560
    ThisDrawing.SetVariable "DELOBJ", 0 ' this will prevent deleting the polyline
    Set loops(0) = objEnt
    region = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddRegion(loops)
    CenPt = region(0).Centroid
' now that I have the centroid how do I delete the region I just created
End Sub

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several ways come to mind but the simplest one:

Erase LAST
KevinAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I put the

Erase Last 

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command right after

CenPt = region(0).Centroid

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but the region is still there after I exit...
Notice that you set the Variable Delobj=0.

In this case the plines will stay if you do the erase last. ( the region will be erased)

So... if you wan it all gone set back the delobj=3 and follow by the Erase last.
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KevinAuthor Commented:
I am afraid that I don't follow, sorry.

The polyline needs to stay, so that was why I set DELOBJ to zero. But I want the region to disappear, which it doesn't when I put in the Erase Last command.

Any other ways that you can think of that will keep the Polyline?
What version of AutoCAD are you using?
In my version 2012 the erase last erases the region and leaves the poly's alone, when delobj set to 0.
Try it manually not in the script, perhaps it behaves differently in the script, but using command line it behaves for me exactly the way you want it. The erase last removes the area only, leaving polylines alone.
KevinAuthor Commented:
I am using 2013.  Will give it a shot when I get back to the office in the morning...
How is your 2013 behaving?
KevinAuthor Commented:
Sorry - I thought that i had replied from my phone, but see that it didn't post.

Manually, the "erase last" command works properly and will erase the recently created region leaving the polyline unaffacted, but not in the VBA code - the code does not delete the region...
Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
Are you still waiting for a solution?
Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:

    For i = UBound(region) To 0 Step -1
    Next i

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