Veeam Replication keeps closing, possibly WAN stability issue

My bigger 2 VM's (Exchange and SQL) keep failing with something like this:

"Error: Client error: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host Exception from server: End of file Unable to retrieve next block transmission command. Number of already processed blocks: [25976]. Failed to process [srcReplicateVddkDiskContent] command. "

I have been communicating with Veeam, some happiness there with their support but I am getting aggravated with their support.

I started looking at my WAN connection to see if it might be the problem.  I do not really know how to test the stability of a WAN connection so I started doing ping test.  Here were roughly my results.

Pings were ran for about 5 minutes.
100% loss with ping -l 65500
1% loss with ping -l 6550
10% loss with ping -l 14500

Does anyone think that these ping results show anything or is that just "normal" for WAN links?

Home base has a 10Mbps internet connection.  Colo has a 10Mbps connection.  There is a VPN over IPSEC that connects the two sites with Watchguards.
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You should not see ANY loss with the ping.

Also, as part of your test, if you can bypass the VPN and just go raw IP point to point for sake of testing it.
A while back I remember having some issues with Veeam and Cisco==Cisco VPN.
Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
As stated above by insidetech, I also had an issue with going through the vpn.  On another note, how much data are you trying to replicate?  Bandwith of the tunnel and so forth.  We setup a secure wireless PTP system with full duplex of 100Mbps and the replication will eat up what it needs.  Problem you might be having is the tunnel is to small for how much your attempting to replicate.  ISP's usually offer a metro connection which is a private tunnel thats all yours (5 - 10Mb and up).  It might be necessary if the vpn is dropping to many packets which breaks the connection.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
Do you know the size of data being transferred in each backup session?
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Hi getwidth28, sorry you're having this issue. Do you have a tech support incident number? I can follow up on that to make sure you are escalated.
getwidth28Author Commented:
MaximVeeam Case #00445737    

hanccocka - At the height of the amount of "Transferred" for the SQL server it is  around 43.7 GB.  Sometimes it fails after 7.4GB, 30GB, etc.  The "Size" is 460.0 GB.  There was one time on September 12 when it transferred 220.8 GB then returned a different error, which who know after I get past this drop problem I might have another error to get through.

NRHode - I am getting ready to upgrade the internet connection(s) as our lease it up in a couple of months.  I am either going to do a point to point or upgrade the connections to the internet on both sides.  I am leaning toward the point to point as that would seem a better practice.  ??
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
Is your daily rate of change really 220GB ?
getwidth28Author Commented:
No.  It is a brand new sync.  I had sync'd it locally and then try to map it.  Long story and I don't even remember it but that didn't work right or something then Veeam support had me re-create one from scratch.  Which I guess is where I am at now.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
I think you would be better off pre-seeding manually, with data that size.
getwidth28Author Commented:
What is pre-seeding and how does one do it?

I meant to put some information about the successful replications.  since I laid out some of the successful ones, I'll lay the failing SQL server out in the same format.  

---------------- failing ---------------------
SQL server
Duration: 3:54:03
Total size: : 152.7 GB
Data read: 17.0 GB
Transferred: 7.4 GB

SQL server
Duration: 13:29:15
Total size: : 199.7 GB
Data read: 67.7 GB
Transferred: 30.7 GB

SQL server
Duration: 13:36:36
Total size: : 218.2 GB
Data read: 67.7 GB
Transferred: 30.7 GB

SQL server
Duration: 8:36:45
Total size: : 176.4 GB
Data read: 39.1 GB
Transferred: 13.4 GB

---------------- successful ones ---------------------
Server A
Duration: 2:11:25
Total size: : 260.0 GB
Data read: 13.6 GB
Transferred: 3.7 GB

Server A
Duration: 9:01:30
Total size: : 260.0 GB
Data read: 42.0 GB
Transferred:  15.3 GB

Server B
Duration: 0:20:22
Total size: : 40.0 GB
Data read: 1.5 GB
Transferred: 728.0 MB

Server C
Duration: 1:02:00
Total size: : 80.4 GB
Data read:  5.4 GB
Transferred: 1.7 GB
Pre-seeding means that you make a local  full backup and physically move it to the remote location.
After that only the binary differences are propagated.
Veeam has a specific way of accomplishing this.

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