Small Business Server 2011 - My Documents & Desktop redirection

We've recently deployed a Small Business Server 2011.  
I normally allow folder redirection for users doing the following via SBS Console:
Users & Groups | Select User Account Properties| Folders | Select Enable folder redirection to the server.
(I do want My Documents to be redirected to the server)

I noted that users' Desktops were also being redirected to the server. This was creating a problem for folks who take their laptops in and out of the office.  To stop redirection of the Desktop, I took the following action:
Again, in SBS Console:
Selected Tab Shared Folders and Web Sites
Selected Tasks | Redirect folders for user accounts to the server | Removed checkbox for Desktop.
(Documents was not checked)

Today users complained about the time it took to login.  Upon further investigation, it appears that all users' My Documents have gone back to the local folder.  I checked the users' section and see that Redirect of Documents is still enabled.

That being said, should I check the Documents option under the Shared Folders tab?  Does this take precedence over the location where the user's settings are?

Thanks in advance.

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realtimerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I tested.  Looks like the Shared Folders tab is the critical piece.  Thanks.
I've found that by using the Console to set up the users' folder redirections the outcome was unreliable in SBS2008 & 2011, and after seeing the same problem a couple of time we decided to control this manually through Group Policy instead.
realtimerAuthor Commented:
I ran tests and was able to answer my own question.
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