Memory tests - is Windows Memory Diag any good ?

The reason I ask is sometimes UBCD won't boot on some systems and even if it does, the mem test doesn't work on it and the MS memory diag is the only option I have.

So is it any good ?
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In my opinion it is about as good as any other M$ products do...

The only times I've ever tried to use it, it didn't even load. I don't know if that's because it has to load from the Windows repair environment or the system was just in too rough of shape but I always have been able to get memtest86 to work.

I like memtest86.

Also good are SystemRescueCD and Knoppix.

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Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
Its alright, not as thorough as memtest86 though

Surprised you have an issue running it (I assume this is on your UBCD).  Usually if it doesn't work you can an older version and it will usually run.
it isn't as good as memtest86+, but it is OK.
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fcekAuthor Commented:
When testing a laptop and it has no errors initially is it ok to test with multiple modules in place ?
fcekAuthor Commented:
Call me lazy ...

Are there consequences of leaving a laptop on over night testing 2 modules just to see if there are errors?

Or if its less time say an hour could I potentially be just checking one for the first hour then the next and so miss one being tested all together?
Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
No, I have let some systems test overnight, you come back with like 100 passes or so.  All you did was test to the extreme which is no big deal :)
fcekAuthor Commented:
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