Getting Drupal out of maintenance mode

Hi we set our Drupal site to be under maintenance  but all urls come up with "Service unavailable".
I have gone into PHPMyadmin and changed the setting in table variable       

I have cleared all records in cache.

Still have the same issue

Any ideas please?
Thanks in advance
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junipllcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Seeing the text "Service Unavailable" when viewing a Drupal page usually means you're viewing through a reverse proxy or a misconfigured web server. Is that the case? I don't think the error you're actually seeing is being generated directly by Drupal. It doesn't output the words "Service Unavailable" during its operation so they must be coming from somewhere else.

In other words, the error could be caused by Apache not being configured to serve certain http response codes. I don't recall off the top of my head what return code is generated when Drupal is offline, but I would think it's a "503" (which is Service Unavailable, technically) not a "200 OK" -- that could be throwing Apache or your reverse proxy off, triggering it to throw its own error.

I've seen this behavior on my reverse proxy when one of my servers is offline and throwing a 503. I had to ensure that the proxy still served the page even though it thinks the site is down.

These are just educated guesses, but that's where I would start.

what happens when you browse to ?

do you see the login page?
ronnie10165Author Commented:
Browing to ? has service unavailable
Am checking where this header comes from
I checked, and Drupal does, indeed, return a 503 Service Unavailable HTTP code (along with the maintenance page) when maintenance mode is active. However, it does not output the error you're getting. I just wanted to let you know that I verified the 503.

ronnie10165Author Commented:
Thanks Mike. Turned custom error pages off in IIS and now get Drupal under maintenance page.
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