Difference between 1 port and 2 port SAS drive

Hi there, i tried to google it but cant find definite answer.

First question is what is the difference between 1 port and 2 port SAS drive.
Second question is we recently bought 300GB SAS drive (suppose to be 1 port) but by mistake received 2 port. We have got 1+0 array consisting of all 1 port 300GB SAS drive and would like to add recently bought 2 port one. Is that possible (i havent added it yet, just plugged into server and fits pretty well). Will there be any cons if possible?
ArcITIT ManagerAsked:
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bigbigpigConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dual port drives support dual pathing for redundancy but obviously this won't be used in this case.  It is absolutely OK to plug a DP drive into an array that contains SP drives.
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