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I'm Using excel 2010, I download a lot of data with dates in
25/09/2013  5  5 5 6
25/09/2013  4 5 6 6
26/09/2013 1 1 2 3
26/09/2013 1 2 2 3

Is there anyway of telling the excel spread sheet  if the date falls on a weekend to change the  colour of the data?

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FaustulusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Apply conditional formatting using the 'Use a formula to determine which cells to format' variety with this formula,

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A2 should be the first cell in the range you wish to format. The easiest way is to select the entire range you wish to format and Excel (2007 or later) will automatically apply the format to all cells. Else (or additionally) you can modify the AppliesTo range later.
Set the coloring as desired.
jwc1972Author Commented:
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