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Hi, we are looking at setting up a backup solution using Commvault.  The idea is to Snapvault our volumes from our local filers to a remote site then use Commvault to backup that Snapvaulted data.  

Couple of questions...

I understand I need an NDMP license to use Commvault with Snapvault.  Is this a license I need to buy for Commvault or is the NDMP license something I need to buy from Netapp and install on my filer?

When I restore is it down to the volume or the file level e.g. can I restore an indvidual VM file or would I need to restore the entire volume?

Can I restore directly to my local filer or is the restore done to the remote filer where the data has been snapvaulted to?

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NDMP is protocol used  by Netapp, if you want to use CommVault you'll need to buy an NDMP module for CommVault to use it.

If you're doing VMs I would look at SMVI localy and snapmirror/snapvault remotely.  Commvault can be used for offsite as well and can also handle snapshot based backups


Thanks for your comments.


thanks for your comments

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