Certificate import says successful but does not show up in the certificate store. Trusted Root Certification Authorities

I have a problem that is quite strange. It could be something simple but I haven't been able to find an answer.  

When launching Outlook 2010 is showing a security alert.  If you click on view certificate and install the certificate it shows successful.  Close out of outlook and reopen and the alert comes up again.

If you use certmgr.msc or look at the certificates in IE the certificate for the Exchange server does not show up.  

I exported the certificate from the exchange server (Exchange 2007) and tried importing manually and it said it was successful but it does not show up in trusted root or personal.

Here is where it gets weird.  If I log on as a domain admin I can import the certificate just fine.  It shows in the trusted root certification authorities store.

This makes me think it is something regarding our users.  Some permissions issue or something. I just don't know what.  If anyone can provide some help I would appreciate it.

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Which certificate, what is the error? Into which store do you import the certificate?
If this is an internal CA you should push it via GPO.

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8_GatesAuthor Commented:
It is a self signed certificate from my exchange server.  Pushing it via GPO does work and it seems like that is going to be my only option.
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