Citrix receiver thin client

I want to know whether a single thin client can support two ica client sessions.
My user will connect to a vdi hosted in company a network when he firsts logs in and after that he will open web browser and then connect to another vdi hosted in company b datacentre.This is to access company b applications.User will be using an n computing thin device and a monitor.Want to know whether a single citrix receiver client is used in this scenario or multiple

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kabilanisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, single Citrix receiver on a thinclient will support multiple ICA sessions. I have tested it myself by connecting to 2 VDI, which are geographically 500 Kms apart, from a thinclient.

The receiver version I used was 3.2 and 3.3.
Hi we have a user that uses the citrix receiver for two different connections but they go to different datacentres, as far as i am aware the citrix receiver client only uses one connection as we have given her a usb to get documents off one datacentre and move them to her current one
Hello, from what I understand you are saying is:

- User will log into a VDI then from within that VDI they are wanting to connect to another VDI via a browser?

We have done this in our organization as we use a Citrix Receiver on the local system to connect to our corporate infrastructure, then from within there we can launch a browser to open another Citrix session. You have to ensure that the first VDI has the Citrix Receiver installed.

Let me know if I have understood wrong.
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Sukku13Author Commented:
So do u mean totally only one receiver client is needed.i am using thin client physical desktop.
Sukku13Author Commented:
Awaiting comment
Sukku13Author Commented:
Do we need to do any special configuration for this multiple ica sessions
Not required at all. It is a Citrix receiver feature.
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