Exchange Posershell Get-user -OrganizationalUnit Path

I am trying to get the correct syntax for a cmdlet to pull a list of users from an OU within and OU that currently do NOT have mailboxes.
Get-User -OrganizationalUnit place.globla/USA/Miami/Users and variation thereof all give "A positional paramater cannot be found that accepts agrgument place.globla/USA/Miami/Users.
This is so simple but yet is killing me. Any help is appreciated.
Exchange 2010 SP3

Thanks in advance
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Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
You would use the ou switch

Get-User -OrganizationalUnit "ou=Users, dc=local"

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kryanCAuthor Commented:
Get-User -OrganizationalUnit "ou=users, ou=miami, dc=contsco, dc=global"
Still get the same error. I am on the same network, same AD, and not sure what is up.
kryanCAuthor Commented:
Got it. Though I added the pssnapin for AD to the Exchange Shell it didn't work. But when I added the pssnapin for Exchange to the AD shell it worked.

Thanks all.
Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
take out the spaces in the ""  Should be something like this

Get-User -OrganizationalUnit "ou=users,ou=Department,ou=Domain Users,dc=domain,dc=local" -RecipientType user
kryanCAuthor Commented:
Figured it out and as a snappin issue on my part.
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