my internet explorer keeps giving problems, I am running windows 7 professional on my workstation.

like searchdo page popups and while browsing my hotmail account , it hangs up , no email opens up.

if i browse hotmail in google chrome it works fine

do u have some tools to correct IE problem.
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Ken ButtersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When I clean up a PC ... here are steps I follow..

This will remove / clean up unwanted files on your pc.  I do this first, because I don't want to spend forever running anti-malware programs against temporary internet files, and other temporary items.¿

Here are a couple of good free anti-malware programs.  I would run them both.¿¿

After you run both of the above programs, chances are good that you will have removed a lot of the root of your probem, but you can dig further if you need to by running "Autoruns" by sysinternals.

Autoruns is software that helps you see all programs that are started / run on your PC: (including malware, virus, trojans etc.).

In your case, you should pay particular attention to items that "autoruns" identifies as a "BHO" (browser helper objects).

some BHO can be managed directly through internet explorer via "Manage Add-ons",
some BHO can be removed from control panel (Autoruns can help you identify the names of BHO's you have installed that you may not even be aware of)

If neither of the above works... control panel or manage add-ons, then you can use autoruns to remove the add-on.

Warning -- Be careful with the use of autoruns.  It is a powerful program, and it will give you the ability to remove stuff that is required for proper functioning of your operating system.   You need to be certain of what you are removing.  If you are in doubt, the best course of action is to leave it alone.   You should google anything that you are in doubt about to familiarize yourself with what is on your machine.
The following web page details a number of steps you could try: >

Although it is specific to crashes, often time some of the steps clear up many other problem. Worth trying.

If none of the solutions work, including uninstalling and reinstalling IE, you may try a repair install.
Like the link shows you could reset your internet explorer what you could also check is if you go into

-control panel
-programs and features

And see if you have any toolbars installed because they to can cause crashing

If you get a lot of adverts in your browser you should install adblock for internet explorer (search in google) this blocks adverts that maybe popping up on the page

What is also a good option is to install the latest version of ie if you dont already have internet explorer 10
Click tools then pop-up blocker you can turn it off or click on pop up blocker settings then at the bottom where it says blocking level set it to medium.
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