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How can I remove a dynamic data-callback from a button?

Hello all,

I have some code I did not create but what is essentially is there is a dynamic window that gets created and button id's are being passed to this javascript function.   In that function the buttons are being dynamically created for the window such as below.  I need to remove it as what happens is the function gets called more than once the click events get fired multiple times.   Any idea how to delete this?  I try removing the button such as:

 $("#" + btnId).remove();

Before creating it again as it's going into the DOM but this seems to not fix the issue.  Here is the code and essentially I need to kill the buttons first.

   lms.ModalButtonDialogWithRemoteContent = function (obj) {

        if (LMS.IsUndefinedOrNull(obj) || LMS.IsUndefinedOrNull(obj.dialogId) || LMS.IsUndefinedOrNull(obj.buttons) || LMS.IsUndefinedOrNull(obj.content)) {
            console.log("One or more critical properties was not defined, exiting...");
            return null;

        var buttonsHtml = '<div class="buttonDialogWrapper">REPLACE</div>';
        var buttonBuffer = '';

        for (key in obj.buttons) {
            var attr = 'data-callback="' + key + '"';
            var btnId = "kWinBtn" + key;

            $("#" + btnId).remove();

            buttonBuffer += ['<button id="' + btnId + '" class="k-button"', ' ', 'value="', key, '" ', attr, '">', key, '</button>'].join('');

            var selector = '[' + attr + ']';

            var func = obj.buttons[key];

            if (LMS.IsUndefinedOrNull(func) || typeof func !== "function") {
                func = function () {

            $("body").on("click", selector, func);

        buttonsHtml = buttonsHtml.replace(/\bREPLACE\b/, buttonBuffer);

        var template = '<div><div style="text-align:center">CONTENT</div><div style="text-align:center">BUTTONS</div></div>';
        var body = template;

        body = body.replace(/\bCONTENT\b/, obj.content);
        body = body.replace(/\bBUTTONS\b/, buttonsHtml);

        var dialogPlaceholderSelector = "#" + obj.dialogId;
        var dialogBody = $(dialogPlaceholderSelector);

        if (dialogBody.length == 0) {
            var htmlStr = '<div id="' + obj.dialogId + '"></div>';


            actions: ["Close"],
            draggable: true,
            height: obj.h || 'auto',
            width: obj.w || 'auto',
            modal: true,
            pinned: true,
            resizable: true,
            title: obj.title || "Message",
            visible: false,
            deactivate: function () { this.destroy(); },
            refresh: function () { this.center(); }

        return $(dialogPlaceholderSelector).data("kendoWindow");


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1 Solution
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:

 $("body").off("click").on("click", selector, func);

But I suggest you narrow your selection to the nearest container and not the whole body
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