How to make a vlan on an HP switch to talk to a cisco Vlan

Hi we have a cisco Call manager phone system, and our network traffic is split into 2 vlans vlan10 for data and vlan 20 for voice

We have a couple POE HPs that we have some new desks running on. What I am not sure how to do is how do I

1 Create the vlans on the HP to work with the Vlans on the cisco switches
2 what else i need to worry about

Any help will be great

The HP Switches are the HP 3800 48port POE switches
The Cisco switches are the catalyst 2970

Thanks in advance
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Daniel HelgenbergerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Log into the procuve switches via telnet, ssh or Console RS232
Here are some examples, to get you an idea about the basic stuff. As you can see its much similar to iOS.
These would create your vlans, tag some ports, untag some ports, enable voice vlan on 20 and set the ip helper for your voice vlan to dhcp server:
create vlan 10
create vlan 20
vlan 20 voice
vlan 10 tagged 2-5
vlan 20 tagged 6-7
vlan 10 untagged 15-25
vlan 20
ip helper-address

Open in new window

Note: Enabling voice for vlan 20 will also enable QoS. Also to not forget to create trunks and tag them with the necessary vlans, of course :)
All you need to do on the HP is define the vlan for voice, mark it as a voice vlan, and tag it on all ports that will have phones and the connection to the Cisco switch. Also, all the Cisco phones need to support LLDP in order to auto configure the voice vlan. If they don't support LLDP, each phone will need to have the voice vlan statically assigned.
tgphelpAuthor Commented:
All phones do support it

I dont know how to define the vlan for voice/mark it or tag ports guess im looking for commands?
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tgphelpAuthor Commented:
so once I create the vlan per the directions
Can all ports handle both vlan traffic or is it one of the other?
Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
I don't know what you mean? You need to tag/untagged all ports you want to be able to handle the vlans? Though you can have as many tagged vlans you want on one port there may only be one untagged as with any switch.
tgphelpAuthor Commented:
Just making sure things work right

So basically on our Ciscos with the vlan for the phones the port goes to a phone then the computer

The computer gets lets say ip address the phone gets does tagging allow both vlans to work the same way on the HP?
tgphelpAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help so far just curious should I just make the voice vlan so i have me default which is moving regular ip traffic find and then tag all ports in my voice vlan?
tgphelpAuthor Commented:
Works like a charm
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