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Hi, I created flat file connection manager with column names in the first data row because sample data file contained headers.
Real data files contain only data, no column names in the first row. When I uncheck 'Column names in the first data row' checkbox in the Flat File Connection Manager Editor, it tries to rename columns to Column 0, Column 1, etc, and complains that columns are out of synchronization.

I can enter column names manually in the editor but wondering if there is better way.

Thank you in advance.
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nishant joshiConnect With a Mentor Technology Development ConsultantCommented:
you can add columns manually in flat file connection.But while adding columns in flat file connection be sure about length and data types.

Easy solution is go to properties and set "columnnamesinfirstdatarow" to false.

check below link you will get more information about it.


nishant joshiTechnology Development ConsultantCommented:
Hi quasar_ee,

Does above comment solve  your issue to use properties --> "column names in first data row"?

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