Multiple SSID's on Cisco Wireless Controller

I have a question about multiple SSID's on a Cisco 2504 WLC.  Let me first give you some details of my network.  My network looks as follows:

Cisco 2821 Router
Cisco ASA5510
Cisco 2950 Switch (WLC and WAP's comes off this switch)
Cisco 2950 Switch (WAP's come off this switch)
Cisco 2950 Switch (WAP's come off this switch)
Cisco 2950 Switch (WAP's come off this switch)

I have a one VLAN network (Vlan1) on the network.  My management interface of the WLC is the the same network (vlan 1), and there is only one SSID as of right now.  I would like to configure another SSID on my network for a certain group of individuals.  I have Layer 2 2950 switches, and you can only have one Vlan (no shut) at a time.  So my question is how do I create this second SSID on another subnet?
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Soulja53 6F 75 6C 6A 61 Commented:
I would introduce a layer 3 switch in the mix. If cost is an issue, used 3560 and even 3550's are going cheap these days. Otherwise you would have to do a router-on-the stick setup off of your 2821 router, assuming your ASA is just inspecting and in transparent mode.

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Craig BeckCommented:
You don't need a layer3 switch for this.

The 2950 will only allow one VLAN interface to be up at a time, but that's for management of the switch only.  You can still have multiple VLANs on the switch and traffic will pass through them freely without having an IP address on any of those VLANs on the switches.

The ASA will be either routing or transparent, but either way you have the ability to route at either the ASA or the 2821 router.

So, on the switches just create a new VLAN.  You don't need to add an IP address to that new VLAN on the switches...

conf t
vlan 10
 name WIFI

That's all you need.  If you have trunks between the switches you might need to add the new VLAN to those trunks, but if you post the config from your switches and tell us which ports are the links between them we can tell you what you need to do.

You'll also need to either create a trunk up to your ASA, or connect a new interface to the 2950.
denver218Author Commented:
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