Excel Import data to two sets of columns

I have an excel sheet set up to import data from a SQL database. This works fine. The data looks like below.
111111 22222 333333      
222223 54353 456453
333243 23432 423423
About 40 rows of data

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What i want to do is is import the data into two sets of columns. Like below
111111 22222 333333  447475 43543 345435      
222223 54353 456453  435343 34555 353533
333243 23432 423423  435553 34543 34543

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Once the import gets to row 20 it starts importing into the next column. I am sure Excel can do this but dont know the right word to search for on google.

Any help would be great.
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Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
only way i could do it was 2 queries, each returning 20 rows.

or reformat data after import using vba. this is the way i would do it, but only because im more comfortable.

 and what happens  if more than 40 records are available.

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Daniel_P67Author Commented:
Thanks, be too easy the other way. We just had two queries and display them side by side.
Daniel_P67Author Commented:
Was looking for the imposable. This was the best way.
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