AIX/Linux - Orphaned files and directories

I have directories that have thousands of orphaned directories and files. The UID or GID shows up. I need a script that will scan a specific directory and output a file that will provide the list of all the directories and files under that specific directory that are orphaned. Please help.
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Use find:

find  /directory -nouser -o nogroup

This will display all files/directories owned by a user which is not  in /etc/passwd or a group which is not in /etc/group (or both).

If you want to add an action statement like -print or -ls enclose the search criteria in escaped parentheses:

find  /directory \( -nouser -o nogroup \) -ls
I think there is a typo

find  /directory \( -nouser -o -nogroup \) -ls

Why you have such problem? is it that you delete users and groups for users who left?

May be you should run find command before deleting these users or groups to identify files or directories owned by them.

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Thanks for the hint, omarfarid!

You're right, it' s "-nogroup", of course.

AIX25Author Commented:
Yes, you are right..we should run the find first before deleting the user. Unfortunately, I now have to go back and clean up the mess.

woolmilkporc and omarfarid, not sure how to handle the points on this. woolmilkporc answered it correctly but with a typo...and omarfarid fixed the typo. Any help on the point allocation?
Thank you woolmilkporc.
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