Microsoft Svr 2K8 DNS and CNAME Records

Hi, Is it possible within Windows Server 2008 DNS to setup a CNAME record for to point to (assuming both and have their DNS settings/records hosted on that same server) ?  Setting-up a CNAME record seems pretty straight forward, and the DNS entry and associated IIS site for hosted on that server work great. But whenever I setup the CNAME record, point it to the FQDN of, and try to pull-up the page in a browser it gives me the standard HTTP Error 404 Resource Not Found error.

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Nathan PSystems ArchitectCommented:
I expect it is possible.  You may need to have to wait for DNS changes to propagate to the machine you are testing from?

A CNAME is just a diversion or lookup.

From the computer you are testing from, (if it's running Windows) try typing this into an administrative command prompt:  

ipconfig /flushdns

That might make your computer look up the DNS record again.

Of course, if you're really talking about and style addresses, (as in real live internet sites, not intranet sites) you might be dealing with TTL issues.   A 'TTL' is "Time To Live" or in other words, how long a computer will remember what it was told by a DNS server..

So if you asked for and got a response.
then changed the CNAME 5 minutes later
and checked 5 minutes later...
but the TTL is 60 minutes..

Your computer will just return the value it knew of 10 minutes ago, rather than re-checking for new data.

Good Luck.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Yes this is possible, and not even all that uncommon. Usual DNS rules apply and there is nothing specific to windows here. You must have a zone for the domain name. Glue records for upstream zones may be required depending on what you are trying to accomplish. DNS records have a standard shelf life and expiration time. To troubleshoot why you are getting 404's you'd want to do a bit more in-depth troubleshooting. Tools like dig, nslookup, and network level monitoring of the browser such as IE's developer tools or Firefox's Firebug would help see what the browser is doing and seeing.


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Craig BeckCommented:
You'll need to create a zone for domain2 on the DNS server, then put the CNAME record in that zone which points to the host in domain1.
LGroup1Author Commented:
Okay, perfect - thanks all !

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