Exchange 2007 Crash

The exchange server crashed and now I cannot mount the database. I have tried a couple of things with the eseutil.exe command. Some ran fine like checking the log files. No errors. But now I am getting the following message when trying to run a soft recovery.
"Operation terminated with error -1018
 (JET_errReadVerifyFailure. checksum error on a database page) after x  seconds.

Anybody know what I should do next. Not much info online regarding this error -1018. The only thing that I could find was that it might be a hardware problem. Any ideas? Sure would appreciate any help. Thank you
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Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
Have you checked the event log on the server for errors? Do you have a good backup?  That would be the best and quickest way to recover from a crash like this.
Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:

Error 1018 is a bad deal, it means your database is corrupted due hardware faillure (like defective disks, disk drivers, faulty Raid controller or outdated or incompatible firmware)

a) Did you try?    Eseutil /p     (if trying make backup first, this option can delete corrupted stores!)
b) Do you have entries in log events like, HDD problems, Mem, Mainboard?
c) (i hope so) Do you have a recent backup?

else d) can you spend some serious money on this? If so there is commercial software available that can rescue your databases. This is one of them. ( link )
AD_TechAuthor Commented:
I have a backup, but I have never done a restore for exchange before. What would I need to restore if I go this route? I have not run Eseutil /p yet. Should I try this first? By the way, there was a problem with the raid and when I got the system back up it was rebuilding. It took about 8 hours or so. I am wondering if that was what corrupted the database.
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Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
Normally rebuilding a RAID array wouldn't corrupt an Exchange database, unless the array itself was seriously degraded.  How many disks were in the array?  Did it rebuild using a spare, or using the original, failed hard drive?

The specific restore steps will vary depending on what backup software you're using.  What are you using?
AD_TechAuthor Commented:
I don't remember exactly what the RAID was doing (either Checking or Rebuilding), but it ran for about 8 hours. For backup I use NovaBackup Network v14 and it has an exchange plug-in. When I look at the server through the software I see a folder that says Microsoft Exchange Server and with in that it has the First and second Storage Groups. I have attached an image.
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
I'm not familiar with NovaBackup, so I can't give you the exact steps.  I'm sure, however, that it would be similar to restoring using Windows Backup, which consists of first marking the Exchange database(s) to be overwritable, and then telling the backup software to restore from the backup.  Here are a couple of articles describing those basic steps:

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