crypto locker virus

how to remove crypto locker virus and uncrypt files
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smckeown777Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Was hit by this one last week...the removal is easy enough with the right AV(we used Vipre) but the documents we recovered from backup as we couldn't get any other fix...

Having said that apparently if you have Shadow copies running you might be able to get out of jail with software called Shadow Explorer...see this post and comments at the end for reference...note I've not tried this so only passing on the info...note as well this Panda software apparently doesn't work without the key so its the comments further down you need to refer to

Course if you didn't have shadow copies enabled this is irrelevant anyways...
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Removal is the easy part. Create a Kapersky bootable CD and run a scan from it to remove the active part.

Still working on the decryption :(
If you have backed up versions of the files affected you can run a comparison to get the encryption key used.

See also
How much is the data worth to you?  If you don't have a back up the only option at this point is to pay the ransom.  I would do everything I could first but I understand they destroy the unencryption key within 72 hours.  Maybe there will be a fix soon but at this time I'm not aware of one.
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gesolinkAuthor Commented:
Cleaned virus, but no way to unencrypt data
Giovanni HewardCommented:
Are they going to track-'em-n-wack-'em the bad guys who are getting all these ransom money? It is ridiculous if Feds don't step in and try to find those behind the virus.
Giovanni HewardCommented:
The FBI (for one) is looking into it and is asking victims to file a report with them.
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