Lnux DHCP server setup for kickstart question

I  wanted to setup a DHCP/PXE  server  for kickstart. My server ip address is and gateway address is   I need to create few  VMs and need to assign through DHCP server, I don't want to use the router DHCP server.

Can I assign 192.168.1.X address from my DHCP server to my client? Or do I need to have 192.168.0.x address
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You have to have an IP on the 192.168.1.x network and then configure the DHCPd to only listen on the .1 segment.  The issue you have is if it is connected to a non VLANed segmented switch, the DHCPDiscover will be broadcast and could get assigned an IP by the router.
Alternatively, you can either disable the DHCP service on the router and allocate IPs via the Linux/kickstart server.
192.168.0.x by default while 192.168.1.x as reserved by manually entering the MAC address.
mokkanAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much.  If I have 2 DHCP  servers  in one subnet, what DHCP server will be picked up for client?
They both will receive the DHCPDISCOVER event, each will respond. the one that reaches the client first will be the one used.
i.e client dhcpdiscover
server1 DHCPOffer ip1
server2 DHCPoffer IP2
depending which offer the client recives first, that is the IP the client will get unless, the client is renewing their IP lease at which point it will try to obtain the same IP it already has, but it will only communicate with the DHCP server from which it received the first offer.

In order to manage multiple segments, you must separate the segment such that a DHCP broadcast packet can only hit the DHCP server on that segment.
Routers, VLANs, segmented switches (Do they still exist?) do not allow broadcast packet to cross boundaries.
You can have a single DHCP server handing out IPs from multiple segments by use of IP helpers (cisco) DHCP relay agents configured on the router/switch.

The relay agent will forward the DHCPdiscover packet it received on its segment to the DHCP server with information on the segment i.e. This way the DHCP server will respond with an IP offer appropriate for that segment.

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mokkanAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much arnold. If I have managed switch I can setup VLAN, if I create vlans for 192.168.1.x segement, than I can setup DHCP server to serve 192.168.1.X right? Managed switch will send VLAN information to router to form a routing table right? Sorry for asking too many quesitons. I am trying to get full unserstanding.
Yes.  You could then connect the linux DHCPD server into that segment. To configure the ip helper/dhcp relay agent on switch and have the linux dhcpd remain where it is.

I think as long as you do not define a scope on the it will not respond to DHCPdiscovery from the local network.  It will only provide IPs on the 192.168.1.x network via relay agent.
Either make them in different VLAN's or use DHCP REALY AGENT
mokkanAuthor Commented:
thank you very much.
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