GP deployed printers

2008 R2, win 7 pro 64bit.
i have deployed printers using computer policies, windoes settings. deployed printers. and applying the policy to specific computer security accounts....

works for me, but the printers are following the user. roaming profiles.

i think i need to delete all network printers (not local usb printers) when the user logs off. then when they login GP will deploy the printers...

any script on how to delete all printers on logoff in this fashion?
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You've applied the settings under

Computer Config, Windows settings - this means the deployed printers get applied to the COMPUTER not the user...

So the printers aren't following roaming profiles - they are being deployed to the computer itself

If you want to deploy to users you need to do it under User Config - Windows Settings - Deployed printers...
CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
not right from what i can see....

yes they are applied to computers...but they also attach to the user roaming profile and follow the user.

i want them applied to computers only.
We are going to need more info here...

If you set a printer under Computer Config it is deployed to all computers under that OU that the GPO is assigned...

So are you saying when the user logs into a computer under a DIFFERENT OU that the GPO isn't applied to they get the printers?
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CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
the printers applied to computers in OU1 follow them to the computer in OU2
Where is the GPO applied? I'm assuming you have an OU like so...

      - OU1
      - OU2

Where is the GPO applied?

From a computer under OU1 & OU2 can you give us the output of

gpresult /v > ou1.txt

Will create a ou1.txt file in the folder you run the command prompt from...attach both files here for review

Do same command from a computer under OU2...called ou2.txt
CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
the GPO is applied to the OU.
OU1, OU2...
In the output of gpresult I see 2 differences...

OU1 has - Admin Office Printers GPO applied
OU2 has - Office printers plus school copiers

So you are using 2 different printer deploy GPO's on the 2 different OU's...correct?

In either of those GPO's are there any matching printers - printers in both gpo's?

I assume also you've done a 'gpupdate /force' on the computers to ensure they refresh the GPO's just in case its an update thing?
CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
ive done gpupdate /force

the printers still follow the user profile....

yes there are matching printers between the GPOs. more importatnt there are differences.....that re not being acknowledged by the results...
Ok, well the GPO's might not be the issue - possibly the user has manually connected those printers at one point in which case they will always follow them...

I've never played with deleting printers before but apparently there is an option in GPP(Group Policy Preferences) that allows you to do this...might be something to look at

You can also do this with script at logoff according to these posts
CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
had to call microsoft....$260 down the drain.....

i had to disable 2 HP services.

net driver HPZ12
pml driver HPZ12

then the printers stopped following the user and worked properly according to the applied GP.....madness

i hope this helps the next poor soul

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Feck...that would have been hard to find...

Did they give you a link to a support part of their site for this? Meaning is there a KB associated with it?
CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
no, i wasnt given any links. a manager is calling me back on monday and i'm going to beg for my money back...HP should pay for it...
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Not enough information to confirm an answer.
Lee...think the OP answered this one himself with post

So personally I'd not delete this one as it will def help someone else...
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