sonic wall tz 200 soup to nuts :-9

we have an Ethernet coming from a "total access 904" t1 unit directly into a tz 200 sonic wall. what do we need to do (physically and setting wise) to connect a dvr security unit so we can monitor it from an external site via its outside word address?  im guessing we plug the dvr into one of the ports on back of sonic wall and see what ip it gives it.  then we must have to set up some kind of rule to allow outside access through the sonic wall via port 7000 to view the dvr??  thankd
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NetfloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In addition to BBAO's comment, for assistance on how to configure this, please see the following support PDF:
bbaoConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
if the WAN interface of TZ-200 has a public IP address, you may simply publish the DVR device as a server on Port 7000 using the router's wizard.

you may also consider manual configuration, including WAN to LAN access and NAT policy.
StewartGilliganAuthor Commented:
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