Time to drop IE8

With IE11 making its way to W7 in the next few months.
Is it time to drop all support for <IE9
My own figures are
IE8 - 0.6%
IE7 - 1.2%
Of those percentages - Googlebot is responsible for 99% of them.
Of the XP users, the vast majority are using Chrome and a small percentage using FF and the odd few IE8.

I already barely support anything below IE9, except where it requires very little effort on my part. But now I'm thinking I should just drop support completely, upgrade to jQuery 2.x and many other things. Obviously my visitors are not using them.
But as developers are we maintaining this stranglehold that IE has by not abandoning them?
What kind of figures are other people seeing.

p.s. this is an ecommerce site and accommodation reservation site (and some smaller not busy sites), so there is no technical bias to my visitors other than they shop online

I see Google are dropping IE8 support in GA at the end of the year.
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Google already gives a notice in Gmail that IE8 is not supported.  Other sites like http://www.netmarketshare.com/  show that IE8 still has 20% of the browser share.  http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp shows stats more like yours although the IE page shows IE8 to still be the most popular version.
GaryAuthor Commented:
My figures are from Statcounter
Of those Google results, I have a query
Here's an example
24 Sep 07:24:33 IE 8.0
1024x768 United States Flag Mountain View,
United States Google ( [Label IP Address]
 www.google.de —  <url>#4 

Open in new window

These are all links from AdWords. The search term is my url and keywords from my campaigns.
Why is Google presenting itself as XP and IE8 - does anyone else see this?
I think a little depends on you customer base and their specific demographic for computer OS and browser which it seems you are tracking and is a minor part of your visitors (but I don't know the percentage of sales)...but I would most likely drop support with notice...but if you detect the old version...give them the links to upgrade or use Chrome/FF and maybe a few others/
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GaryAuthor Commented:
Have I discovered a glitch in Statcounters figures, I double checked my paid visitors for yesterday on Statcounter against my recorded clicks in Adwords.
They match exactly when I take away the above type clicks.
Does this mean Statcounter are over representing IE7/8 and XP/Vista
I just opened a thread over there asking for an explanation.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Just checked a couple of sites that only have local visits.  First half of the year, I saw very little ie10.  Now ie10 has drastically increased in use.  Last year ie usage was about 25%.  Now 15% to 20%.  While mobile is increasing in usage, at this point I don't see it increasing as quickly as prior years.

Starting a new site, I would still use jquery 1.x.  I just tried to ignore the older browsers on one new site and of course my client received a couple of complaints.   I wouldn't activity support the older browsers other then for now still use jquery 1.x instead of 2.x.

Site one with 4,000 visits (40% mobile and tablet).

ie 10           =9% total visits
ie   9           =5% total visits
ie   8           =5% total visits
ie   7          = 2% total visits

Site two with 6,600 visits (48% mobile and tablet)

ie 10           =6% total visits
ie   9           =5% total visits
ie   8           =3% total visits
ie   7           >1% total visits

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Don't forget, since this is an ecommerce site, you need to also include statistics of sales volume tied to browser to help determine the possible sales impact of dropping support for a browser.
My personal site has a bias toward technical users because of its content.

36% Chrome; 34% FF; 18% IE10; 9% IE9; IE8, Opera, Safari, android and others are <1%.
There is no specific mobile support so 98% are hitting with with resolution above 800px wide.

I don't support <IE9 other than a shim for HTML5 compatibility.I will drop support for IE9 when it drops below 3%

Of the few commercial sites I still support, IE7 is virtually gone, and IE8 is still hanging on around 4-5%.  

Any new work on those will keep the shim but drop specific support for <IE9

GaryAuthor Commented:
Sorry forgot about this.
I decided to just go CSS3/HTML5 and throw in the shim on one site and it seems to work fine even if it looks a bit pig ugly but it is still usable. I thought some things might not work but they all seem to be fine.
Yeah old IE looks funny when I look at my site because I use a lot of rounded corners an transitions.  both of which old junk does not support but renders okay.  I have a few pages that will not render acceptable because of the advanced CSS so for those I just put up a notice telling the user they need to upgrade.

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