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Clearos 6 server edition.  I'm trying to provide add a couple of users and provide them with remote access.  pls help.
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clearcenterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In ClearOS, remote access can be done using a variety of ways.

1.  VPN

Here, you have two choices from the Marketplace.  Search "VPN" and you'll see PPTP or OpenVPN options.  Take your pick.  PPTP is easier to setup by less secure.  OpenVPN uses certificates and username/password and is a little more complicated to setup.  There is some good documentation here:

In either case, you'll need to ensure you open the appropriate service (port) in your firewall in order to let them have access.

When you install a VPN app, a user extension/plugin will be created.  Make sure your users are added to that group providing access to the VPN service you select.

2.  Port Forwarding

Not as secure, as you open up your desktops to direct attack vectors, but you could forward alternate ports to RDP to certain desktops.

Install the port forwarding app:

Add, for example, this port forward rule:

Port 13389 -->

This would allow someone to connect via RDP to their desktop located on the LAN at on port 13389.  Adding as many of these rules as you need, all on alternate ports (eg. 13390, 13391, 13392 etc.), all forwarding to a different desktop.

All of the apps referenced above are free.

Of course, if you choose to upgrade to ClearOS Professional, the ClearCenter support team would be happy to help you.

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