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I would like to know how several websites are achieving a list creation by checking off a item, and then it adds it to a screen that is called My List.  On both of the sites you just select the check mark next to a item and then on the bottom right of the screen you get a My List that will appear.  I am curious to know what type of programming this is, is it a app?  Anything you can tell me on how this is achieved would be great.

Here are two of the sites:
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Tis type of update is called 'Ajax'
google it for lots of example code
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
In simple terms it is a 2 step process.

1) Start with a form control for a checkbox and give it a value.
<input name="myCheck" type="checkbox" value="1">

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2) Check your db to see if this item has a value matching the checkbox value in your html code. And if it does, write out the word, checked in the input code like below.
<input name="myCheck" type="checkbox" value="1" checked>

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Getting from step 1 to step 2 can be done in many many ways.  Ultimately, you will have some type of database that can be an ms sql db, MySql, MS Access, MS Excel sheet, text file, ??   Now You will  use a server side language like asp, php, python or maybe you have a web service set up and you use javascript or ajax.

If you like using javascript, then you should check out todomvc where there are a lot of sample from many js libraries.

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chrispreAuthor Commented:
If I knew anything about coding this would be a great lead so thank you!
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