HP procurve 3800 24sfp configuration

Hello all,
I'm new with networking... I've just bought 2 HP procurve 3800 24SFP and I need to configure them. I've connected them via serial cable where I configured the IP in the setup page. Now I'm trying to connect it via a direct RJ45 cable on the mgmt port but I cannot reach it... there's something I'm missing?
please let me know

beste regards
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Daniel HelgenbergerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you setup Out Of Band Management for the management port or just the default VLAN ip?
You need to enable OOBM  before the mgnt port is active:
interface enable
ip address
# or dhcp:
ip address dhcp-bootp
# verify settings
oobm show

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You if you set your default VLAN to management VLAN as well (the default) - then you will be able to connect through HTTP, telnet and ssh to the switch from any port in zhat VLAN:
management-vlan 1

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This way you do not need OOBM at all, if you like.

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nschwendAuthor Commented:
thank you very much for your answer...
just to be clearer... if I set the management vlan 50 with the IP of the switch to I cannot use the same address as OOBM, right? and if I enable the management-vlan 50 then, how can I connect from a single workstation to this switch (I don't have any fiber card on my pc)... I think the oobm will be disabled right?

thank you again.
Daniel HelgenbergerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The OOBM is completely independent from the data plane. You can use the same IP and subnet therefore, but I would not recommend this.
And of course you can have Inband and Out Of Band management enabled and  use it at the same time. The management VLAN is only for inband purposes.
Imagine the RS232 port as the old style and the Network Port as the 'new style' OOBM, where you build your own management network. If you plan to use OOBM, I would recommend disabling the management vlan / inband altogether for security reasons.
See HP's hardening ProCurve Swithces guide,
nschwendAuthor Commented:
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