MySql where clause conditional field value

I need to select records using a condition added only if a field value exists. My query uses a left join between table A and B, and table B may not have a record for every record in table A, so fields selected from B may have null values. If the value for field B.1 exists so is not null then I want to add a condition to the where clause. Is this possible? I tried the following:
 select A.field1, B.field2 from A, B where A.field1='somevalue' and (select case when B.status=1 then  B.customers_group_id=2 else 1=1)

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But it gave a check syntax error in PhpMyAdmin.
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I hope that isn't the complete query, you have a Cartesian product being formed between tables A and B.

Can you provide some sample data from tables a and b perhaps?

using real tables names/fields names is fine (in fact better)
you could try this in the meantime, using ANSI join syntax makes this easier
select A.field1, B.field2 
           AND  B.status = 1 and  B.customers_group_id = 2 
 where A.field1='somevalue' 

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ncwAuthor Commented:
I think you've answered it, the 'and  B.customers_group_id = 2' needs to go in the join sql, which I completely missed including in my example code.
:) I thought something was missing... happy you got the solution. Cheers, Paul
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