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We are in a processing of buying hardware load balancer. Each vendor is telling a different story i want to know how to calculate TPS and required Through put when buying a loadbalancer.

We will be hosting our intranet portal using this, we have around 10,000 users and are expecting 5000 concurrent session at a given time. The application is using sharepoint 2013.

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best to see MS definition which they refer to RPS and throughput

RPS   Requests per second. The number of requests received by a farm or server in one second. This is a common measurement of server and farm load. The number of requests processed by a farm is greater than the number of page loads and end-user interactions....

Throughput   Throughput is defined as the number of concurrent requests that a server or server farm can process....

the reference architecture as planning norm stated in rps and user base size

Overall, i see these useful links can come in handy
- How to calculate Throughput and Peak Throughput for SharePoint

(Number of users X Percentage of users who are active) รท Request rate
Example : (700 users X 10% concurrent users)  / 30 request rate per hour =  70/30 = 2 RPS ( approx)

- SharePoint Performance testing (Counters, IIS Logs, Load, Senario) to benchmark the load the SharePoint farm

- Determine Max Users From Requests Per Second (RPS)

- Sizing and Capacity Planning for SharePoint 2013
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