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Microsoft DPM 2010


We are using DPM 2010 to backup our servers and I question is in relation to the selections I have taken.  I have selected on our mail server for example, C, D, E, System State, Bare Metal Recovery and Exchange Database 2010.  The exchange database and transactions logs are saved on the E drive.  I wanted to check what exactly was backed up when I selected Bare Mental Recovery so I ran this command: C:\Windows\System32\wbadmin.exe start backup -allcritical -backuptarget:%1.  This showed that a bare mental backup would include D, System reserve and c.  Does this mean I am backing everything up twice?  If so, what are the best selections to choose from for the best recovery and to avoid backing up all twice as I am running out of disk.

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Schnell SolutionsSystems Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
When talking about files backups (Bare Metal, Volume Drives) If you choose these different options in the same backup job you don't duplicate the saved data. It just happens if you select different backup Jobs

For the case of your Exchange DataBases, as far as the backup drive (selecting the volumes)  won't help you so much. You can quit it from your backup job, or at least exclude your logs and Database folders. Then backup your Exchange data selecting your Databases from the Exchange containner in DPM (At this point it doesn't matter that you are configuring Exchange Jobs and drive Jobs in different or the same backup job, because you are not duplicating this data if you are just copyng your DBs using the Exchange Agent)

So... In conclusiĆ³n, for including everything backed up and don't waste space. Backup your System state and your Non-Exchange Drives toguether. And include the Exchange backup agent for your databases like you prefer (The same job, or a different one. It is more common to use a different one as far as the backup frecuency for files is not the same one used for Exchange Databases)
minniejpAuthor Commented:
Thank you Schnellsoltuions, the reason why I am asking is because the disks I have configured are nearly full.  I have around 4TB of data on my servers and the disks available to DPM to go 11TB and i'm nearly full but I can't understand how this can be.  Also, my backup to tapes are taking far too long, what exactly is backed up to tape.  I have a retention policy of 7 days, does it just take the active data for that date or does it include any of the data from the previous days?
Schnell SolutionsSystems Infrastructure EngineerCommented:

If you configure a 7 days retention limit on disk, you will just retend that information, except if you export it offline to tape
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