Outlook Express and Win 8

Hello all,
I have a client that is moving from Win XP to Win 8.  Their mail client has been Outlook Express.  Their output file from OE for all the mail is .ost.  I know Win 8 has no mail client built in, and Windows Live Mail will not import the .ost, so what do I do to get the old mail into Win 8?

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arrorynConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I was surprised that it was an OST. Outlook would be your gourmet solution here. The 365 license is reasonably inexpensive.

This from Technet Social:

You cannot convert a OST file to a PST directly, There is security in place that ties the Exchange mailbox,OST file and MAPI profile together. That means that you need the be loged in with the original MAPI profile in order to open the OST file, if you can do that you can simply export or copy all data to a PST file.

You could install a trial version of Outlook on to the XP machine, export the OST in to a PST, then you could use it on whichever platform you desire? That idea taken from here
Windows 8 does include a built-in mail client, called (genius, this) "Mail" (well done MS Marketing) or Windows 8 Mail (which gives it something more).

You should be able to use this built-in client.

What issues have you previously seen with this?
jwhite273Author Commented:
I think the problem is two-fold.  1.  I can't find the Mail program in the control panel.  2. When I find it, it won't support POP, only IMAP and Exchange.
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Hmm okay I didn't know you were using a POP account.

Some email providers will switch the account to IMAP if you ask. That's one possibility, if it's with a major host.

The only other "useful" suggestion is to get a POP supported email client from the App Store. Ignore this link. It's a mainly sarcastic "MS strike again".

Apparently Windows Mail in the Windows Essentials collection will get you what you need.

I have found this nugget from this linked site:

You can, of course, use a different mail client, but if you want to stick with Windows Mail there's a simple solution. Set up your Outlook.com, Hotmail or Gmail account to check your POP mail and then add that account to Windows Mail. In Outlook.com, the option to send/receive mail from a POP account is listed under the More Mail Settings menu.

This link gives another vote for Essentials. Or, if you have the license, Outlook. Or Thunderbird. There are some workarounds for POP, but you may want to eschew these in favour of a known bit of software. I'd recommend Essentials; it's free, and it seems popular.
jwhite273Author Commented:
Thanks for the info, but I still need to convert an .ost to .pst to use the POP account.  Live Mail will read .pst, so my .ost needs to be converted.
AnonymousBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Outlook Express never used an OST file. That was Outlook only.  And yes, the Metro mail client does not support POP.

Consider Office 365 which is Office 2013 on subscription and includes Outlook. I use this.

To convert an OST file to PST, you need a converter. They are paid products. Here is one such product.


.... Thinkpads_User
jwhite273Author Commented:
That's an idea that just might work.  I'll let you know.
jwhite273Author Commented:
Installed Office 2K7 and did as you suggested.  It worked, but was definitely a pain.  Thanks!.
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