Office 365 with Messagelabs

We are currently using an in house Exchange 2007 and Message labs for inbound and outbound mail.
We are moving over to Office 365.

Question 1:
If I set up all the MX records as per Office 365 wizardry, I assume this will completely bypass Message Labs.

Question 2:
Do we need to keep Message Labs now or will Office 365 do a similar job with catching spam etc.

Question 3:
If we do want to keep message labs which DNS records do I have to set up, and which bits do I key into Message Labs Inbound and outbound set up.  It would be nice to keep it for a while just in case we have to switch back,

Thanks Terry
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
1) Yes

2) Office 365 Spam protection is top notch and is included in the package, so no need to pay for any other service

3) You will have to configure Messagelabs to route mail to the smarthost that you will be given for the MX record, should be something like It's best to confirm this with Messagelabs support.

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terrybuck9Author Commented:

3. Yes I have this address from the MX record that Office 365 have suggested.
But do I need to set the other dns records like the TXT and CNAME they suggest?
Also what willhappen when I click "Done, gocheck" in step 3 of set up dns?

thanks Terry
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
If you want to use that domain with Office 365 you need to verify it first, then adjust the necessary DNS records. You will need the autodiscover CNAME for when you move the mailboxes to Office 365, manual Outlook configuration is no longer supported (still possible though).

The TXT record you are referring to is the SPF one I assume, you will need this to avoid messages sent from your users being identified as spam. If you are going to continue using Messagelabs, there is an option to route outbound messages through them too, but as before, best contact Messagelabs support to get the correct settings.

It is not necessary to finish that wizard, just make sure all the relevant DNS records are configured correctly.
terrybuck9Author Commented:
Great, thank you very much.
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