getting local workstations to log into a new DC that I installed locally instead of authenticating over the WAN

I have just installed a new Windows 2008R2 Domain Controller at a remote office. It is on a different domain then what the office is using now, but next weekend we will bring them all over to the new domain. I have the new Domain Controller installed and it seems to be replicating over the WAN with our other domain controllers. I brought up my laptop that I normally use on this new domain and plugged it into the network at this remote office and it picked up a local IP from DHCP and did log me in. I then opened ADUC on this local Windows 7 laptop and noticed I was connected to a Domain Controller at another office. In other words I authenticated over the WAN and that is exactly what I was trying to avoid!  I used the ADUC tool and right clicked to select CHANGE DOMAIN CONTROLLER and it worked. I appear to be logged into the DC that is here at the remote office where I am visting and is on the same subnet as the laptop I am using, but when I logged out and back in it went back to the Domain Controller that is no located here, It appears workstatoins will authenticate over the WAN and not see the local DC, but when forced they can log into it. How can I change things so local workstations find and log into the DC that is here in the office and on the same subnet. Also, is there an easy command prompt command or some other way to verify which DC local workstations connect to when they log in. I am hoping to avoid installing admin tools on all the workstations....all advice is welcome...thanks
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Nagendra Pratap SinghDesktop Applications SpecialistCommented:
Check if you have set the subnets properly in sites and services and DCs are in proper sites.

If you need some help then let me know.

Also the PCs will take a reboot to find a new logonserver in many cases.

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Thor2923Author Commented:
ok, first I found out how to confirm where each workstation is authenticating. From the command line I am entering "echo %logonserver% and it displays nicely for me. From this I can tell it is hitting a different DC just about every time I log in, including the local one. I tried unhooking the cable to the WAN so the PCs could not get outside of the subnet and they did logon to the local DC, after taking their sweet time. Now the WAN is hooked back up and I rebooted the workstation I am working on again and found changed DCs again and logged into a remote DC again.

"Check if you have set the subnets properly in sites and services and DCs are in proper sites."

YES I NEED HELP ON THIS! I have a site created for the office I am in now and have the new DC I built moved to it, but do not recall setting up any subnetting and we are definetly on a different subnet in this office. Please let me know where to check or where to make sure this local subnet is entered
Thor2923Author Commented:
Ok under SITES and SERVICES, I do see a subnet section and an entry for ALL or our active branches except this one. I am assuming that is what you mean??? But do I need to associate the new subnet I add with this specific office?? and where?
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Thor2923Author Commented:
AHH the site that was preconfigured for this location, I will call it ORLANDO, has a subnet of 192.168.6.x and the actual subnet is 192.168.12.x...Where can I change this or do I need to delete and start over??
Thor2923Author Commented:
well I have the proper subnet configured for the Orlando Site but I left the other one out there. It let me set up Orlando with 2 subnets. I am getting more logons to the Orlando DC however one machine is still hitting outside DC. I am not sure if the bogus subnet is causing issues, but do not want to delete it as this time incase someone put it there for a reason. I will talk to my co works on Monday, but it looks like I am making progress
Thor2923Author Commented:
I added the local subnet to the Site and after that computers started logging into the local DC. I joined 3 or 4 new PCs to the domain and all of them went right to the local DC
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